History of Printing Collection

The History of Printing Collection is one of high interest. The Special Collections and Archives houses samples of how man has advanced in writing and record keeping. It includes many of our old and rare items along with many artifacts and important books including a leaf from a Gutenberg bible. We also have a 1st edition of the Book of Mormon. We welcome all who come to view these special and important books.

History of Printing Images


 Quick Facts about the History of Printing Collection:


  • Oldest Bound Book:
    • Sermonnes Pomerii de Sanctis
      • -1505 A.D.
  • Oldest Artifact:
    • Chinese Seal
      • -1390 A.D.
  • Oldest Manuscript:
    • Medieval Book of Hours
      • -Leaf 1425 A.D.
  • Cuneiform Items have not been added to this collection yet
    • Around 4,000 Years Old

Most Valuable:

    • Original Book of Mormon
      • -$75,000 to $125,000

Most Impressive:


  • La Bibbia di Borso d’Este
    • -This is a facsimile but the original is considered to be one of the greatest examples of Renaissance miniaturistic painting. Of particular interest in this Bible is the scene depicting the creation of the world.
  • Medieval Book of Hours Leaf
    • Pay special attention to the holes in this leaf and how the penwork has been deftly worked to feel the available space.

The Wow Factor:

    • Of course all of the items listed above people find fascinating but here are a few more.
  1. 1611 King James Bible
  2. Indian Manuscript
  3. Legal Document
  4. Chinese Bamboo Scroll
  5. Palm Leaf Manuscript
  6. Biblia Sacra Mazarinea

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