No More Backpack Parking Lot: Our Latest Acquisition

This may not be as exciting as, say, acquiring the original Book of Commandments or a Gutenberg Bible, but we’re thrilled. After years (at least it felt that way) of seeing backpacks piled near the front desk, we finally have space for students to store their belongings in an organized way. Archivists are supposed to know how to organize things, and having backpacks tossed without any respect to order (at least group them by size or color!) was gnawing at my soul. No longer will I need to tap down the urge to reshuffle student property. The chaos and dysfunction that occurred near the front desk every time we welcomed a class to the reading room will be replaced with peace and calm as each student happily slides his or her bag into a cubby. Better organization, that’s how we achieve world peace.

Before: the backpack parking lot.

Before: the backpack parking lot

All right, who's the wise guy who didn't use a cube?

After: See the opportunity this presents for greater harmony?

All is well. My life is complete, for one day.

Now we need some classes to use it. If you’d like to bring your BYU-Idaho class in for an orientation, please click here for more information.


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