Fall Exhibits!

After a long ‘hard’ summer of sweating through every pore – we finally have a few new exhibits on display!

The Deseret Alphabet

This is our main exhibit for the semester, so we (Paulina and Karen) wanted to give you a brief history of what all the mambo jumbo’s about!

Way back when (okay, the late 1800s) there were tons of new members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were all speaking various European languages and to have each of them learn English – the language with the most exceptions to the rules, and other problems – could be disastrous! So, a professor of shorthand, George Watt taught some classes when he came to the United States and one of his students was Brigham Young. Brigham was so excited about the idea of a universal, phonetic language he decided to give it a shot. (Well, he had Watt and a committee of other people do it.) The project began in coming up with a phonetic alphabet that early Saints could learn to help them transition into English. They printed newspaper articles, coins, handbills and even headstones in the Deseret Alphabet. With the extension of the railroad and no one really being that interested anymore, by 1862, the project had died and no one has really talked about it since.

Now, here in the SPC, we have a whole collection of items that contained the Deseret Alphabet to put on display for all of campus to see! Super awesome! Check out our website for more details on the formation and life of the Deseret Alphabet. 


Full view of Deseret Readers and a translation from a page from each (on display)


Deseret First & Second Books (on display)


Paulina G & Karen D standing in front of the Deseret Alphabet display

Ricks College & Sports 

Tons of awesome stuff! Michael did a wonderful job on the research and putting this one together – and it’s still getting finished up! Coming here to BYU-Idaho, you’d never know that we had such a great league of sports teams back in the day. Marching band formations, cheers (some great, others not so great — ask Karen or Michael if you’re interested to know about how racist one of the cheers was), and other neat stuff. I mean, we had athletes that would become apostles on the teams, even athletes who would make it to the OLYMPICS! Sweet, huh? One of the saddest things that we learned while putting this exhibit together was that the first trophy that was ever awarded to any sports team was sitting in the basement of the Hart Building collecting dust. Thank goodness we have it out and on display for everyone to see now!


Sports Display Case – trophies, Scroll articles, Letterman’s Jacket


A few of Ricks College Marching Band Formations (on display)


Ricks College Sports Cheer Books (on display)

Teton Dam Flood Disaster

Really informational display that Erica put together. Be sure that you listen to the audio files of witnesses to the before, during and after the disaster. A map is on the wall that shows where the water all went – and boy, it went a long way! Around the map are tons of good photos and scans of newspaper articles from 1976 that help in the understanding of all that went on, and influential Ricks College really was in the putting back together of not only Rexburg, but the surrounding area as well.  Make sure you find the couple of photos where Broulims is totally gutted! Or the lone slimmed chair.


Teton Dam Flood Wall Exhibit


Flood Victim Interview Audio Clips

University Scrapbooks

Lots of restoration work went into putting this display together. Re-gluing photos, and bindings, oh my!  Take a look through these scrapbooks to get an idea of just how diverse of a student and faculty body we’ve had on this campus through the years. You may even know a few people that went to Ricks College, or find that there may have been some seemingly interesting organizations students participated in. Or did you know that Spori Villa (currently Men’s Housing) was the home of the Manwaring’s? The scrapbooks on display are just a taste of what other scrapbooks we have here at the SPC.


Hyrum Manwaring Home (present day) and Various Association Scrapbooks


Viking Bands and Expansion of Ricks College Scrapbooks


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