The Teton Dam Flood

This Day In History: The Teton Dam Flood

Thirty-eight years ago today, the Teton Dam collapsed, flooding much of the valley immediately below the dam. The flood resulted in lost homes, property, and even life, but resilience and service became common themes in the immediate aftermath. To record and preserve the experiences of the community, Ricks College, the Idaho State Historical Society, and Utah State University joined to interview people affected by those events. These oral histories serve as a memory of the event and aftermath, giving personal perspective and insight into that day in June, 1976.

Along with the description of our Teton Dam Collection, we recently made most of the transcripts of those oral history interviews available online. To read transcripts from those interviews, follow the link above to the collection. To see more from our Teton Dam Collection, come to Special Collections on the second floor of the McKay Library and ask to see MSSI 2: The Teton Dam Collection.

Chair left over from the flood

Chair left over from the flood


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