One more reason SPC is awesome!

In the Brigham Young University-Idaho Special Collections department, one of our responsibilities is to keep a record of talks, speeches, and devotionals given on our Campus. Our audio records alone go all the way back to the 1960’s! Scanning through these can reveal some absolute gems, like the following life and death experience related by Elder F. Enzio Busche, on February 3, 1981.

“We are challenged to grow to that level of understanding that we can finally say, “I know Him.”

“I must admit that I had a period in my life, for about three years where life was so tough, so unbelievable, and impossible to describe that I could only survive from one day to another. I identified myself with Stechmolv from Herman Hesse; The young man that accused the world, and accused the man, and even accused God for the unrighteousness, for the hopelessness of life and became a candidate for suicide, and could not live one day without the hope”

“Life went on; when everything’s destroyed people have a lot of work to do, and we were working hard building the society.”

“If only someone would show me a place and show me a way. But there was so little hope because I had seemed to have tested everything. At this stage, I became sick, very sick. I had a liver disease that developed in a stage, that when I was brought to the hospital– the doctors talked to my wife that I would not be able to survive; that I would die within the next days.”

“The instance that I am now prompted to tell you now about is the most sacred and the most serious experience that I’ve had in my life. Three days later, after this experience when I was still in agony and despair and fear, I was put in the German hospital into the bathroom. That was the place during those times that they put the dying people because it’s easy after they’ve passed away to clean them in the bathtub. In this moment of preparing for death, the treatment was taken away from me. Nobody was visiting me on this day; people are hesitant in visiting dying people. The nurses did not show up. In this moment, there was at the left corner of the ceiling a white light, more brilliant than can be described and it shocked me. A voice speaking to my ear, loud and clear, “When you now can pray, you will recover.” I was shocked, because I did not know what experience this was; but the authority and power was more than anything I’ve experienced in life. It was more real than any other real thing I’ve ever experienced. The authority was unquestionable. “What shall I do with this?” “What can I do with this?” I didn’t know how to pray. I just knew the Lord ’s Prayer we had learned in school was not meant (by the voice he heard). As I was listening, as I was preparing myself, and it was praying out of myself I was able to speak– maybe the most beautiful prayer that a person can give. In German there are four words translated into English; “Thy will be done.”

Come on in to the SPC to get the rest of the story, and remember to keep your own records!

From Spencer W. Kimball: “From time immemorial the Lord has counseled us to be a record-keeping people. Abraham had a book of remembrance, and Adam had one…Adam spent much effort being the school teacher for his children…And they kept their books of remembrance. How else do you think Moses, many hundreds of years later, got the information? These records had been kept, and he referred to them and got the history of the world, which wasn’t in any library other than that. Can you see your responsibility?” (Dec. 1980 New Era).

Elder Busche and his Wife


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