Genealogy is Awesome!

charlesArchiving and keeping records is not just important for cool artifacts, manuscripts, and books! It has many applications, and one of them is genealogy! A recent study came out stating that almost every person can trace their lineage back to Charlemagne–the fun part, however, is finding out just how you can trace that! A link to the study is here. Now we are all cousins!

This week is a special week for members of the Rexburg Married 34th Ward. Each member of the ward has been challenged to attend the Temple and bring with them one name of an ancestor. Finding new ancestors is thought to be really difficult, but modern technology makes it easy to find ancestors that have not had ordinances performed for them. Check out this website: All you need to get started is an LDS Account and a speedy internet connection.

Once your information has been entered, Puzzilla can trace back up to twelve generations in one shot! Be careful, it takes time and a lot of computing power. It is usually best to go with 4 or 5 generations at a time.

You can also click on each individual and trace back their ancestors. The best part, however, is when you click on an individual and select “show descendents.” In this view, a golden line will link all of your ancestors all the way down to you! Unfortunately, there are a lot of duplicates and lots of intermarriages, so you may have several lines of descent, or they may disappear completely, only to re-emerge a few generations later. Sorry folks, computers aren’t perfect yet.

Finally, if you wish to take your ancestors to the Temple, you can watch this tutorial. It shows you in about 10 minutes how to find ancestors who need work done, reserve their ordinances, and print them out to take to the Temple. You will need google chrome.

Whether you are just a genealogy fanatic, or a dedicated temple-going member, genealogy is great fun and brings with it a sense of inheritance! Try and find how many generations removed you are from Charlemagne (the writer is 43 generations away) or other royalty!


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