Our Collection

What do we keep behind closed doors at Special Collections? A panel of an Egyptian sarcophagus! Whoa! Don’t know what a sarcophagus is? Imagine you’re living in ancient Egypt and suddenly die from a small pox epidemic. Your family would send your body to be mummified. There your body would have been cleaned in fragrant oils and your innards taken out. Don’t worry, they leave your heart alone because intelligence and feeling originate there. Natron would be pumped into your body to dry you out. After 40 days your internal organs would be returned along with linen, sawdust, and leaves to make you look lifelike. You would be placed in a wooden sarcophagus that looks similar to the one we have here after being wrapped in yards of linen. At the end of 72 days your body is returned to your family safe and sound.



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