Exhibits: The Rixida and Preparations for the Restoration

Special Collections is proud to present two new displays: The Rixida in the McKay Gallery  and Preparations for the Restoration inside of the Arthur Porter Reading Room.

The first documented yearbook at Ricks was published around 1912 by the Student Rays staff as part of the commencement program.  In 1917, Ricks developed a new look for the yearbooks and renamed it The Rixida.  The Rixida was published in paper form until 1999.  The year 2000 marked the transition of the Rixida from paper to DVD.  Publication of the Rixida, in any form, was discontinued in 2007.



The Rixida contains photos of both staff and students, pictures of activities, clubs, fraternities and sororities, athletic pictures and schedules, jokes, and much more!  Aside from the 50+ copies on display, we also have copies of nearly every year of The Rixida in the Reading Room.  Visitors are welcome to come see if they know anyone in the yearbook!

This video shows employee Mike Sawyer reading a few jokes from the 1917 Rixida.

If you venture into the Reading Room, you will see that we have some of our most prized possessions on display.  This exhibit, Preparations for the Restoration, was inspired by a talk given by Elder Robert D Hales in October of 2015.  This talk, Preparations for the Restoration and the Second Coming: ‘My Hand Shall be over Thee, outlines some of the amazing history that prepared the world for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Following this history, this display uses original copies or facsimiles of the Bibles that Elder Hales mentioned in his talk.


This display includes  a leaf from a Hebrew Bible, a Gutenberg facsimile, an original Luther Bible, an original Collins Bible, and an original 1830 Book of Mormon.  We prize these items and put them on display so that others may both learn about the history of the Bible and feel the Spirit that comes when we discuss its history.


The Rixida display is open from 8 to 11:30 Monday-Saturday and Preparations for the Restoration from 9-5 Monday-Friday.  Please come visit to learn more about both religious and the school’s history!


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