The Rixida

The Rixida

The Rixida, BYU-Idaho’s yearbook, was first published in 1912 as The Student Rays.  This was not the yearbook that we commonly think of today; rather, it was a precursor to today’s BYU-Idaho newspaper, The Scroll.  However, in 1912 it began to publish information about graduates in a similar manner to today’s yearbooks.  In 1917, Ricks Academy developed a new look for the yearbooks and renamed it The Rixida.  This yearbook was printed until 1999, after which the university made the change to a digital version.  Any publication of The Rixida was discontinued in 2009.

The Rixida contains staff and student photos, activities, clubs, fraternities and sororities, and sport photos and schedules.  If you have a relative who attended Ricks, you may be able to find their photo in a copy!  Copies of The Rixida are available in both Special Collections and the General Collection of the McKay Library.



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