Manuscript Collection

“[Bigfoot] was no ordinary man.  He’s a legend now and could be classified as a legend during his very own lifetime.  He terrorized the southwest corner of Idaho, killing innumerable amounts of people.”

"Bigfoot, the Terror of Idaho" 1978 essay by Andy Fujimoto

“Bigfoot, the Terror of Idaho” 1978 essay by Andy Fujimoto

So begins the essay found in MS 381.  The Manuscript Collection contains more than 750 items covering everything from this essay to marriage records; from a life sketch of Samuel Adams to a history of Eastern Idaho.  In order to be entered into the collection, a file need only be historically significant, not related to BYU-Idaho, and file sized.  That makes this collection one of the most diverse and interesting collections found in the library!  This collection is open to the public and contains many original primary sources perfect for research papers.  Come to Special Collections to learn more about the true story of Bigfoot and to get help on that essay you’ve been writing!


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