University Archives Collection

Special Collections and Archives has a particular purpose to archive any information about the University.  This information is locked in a temperature and humidity controlled room in a collection called the “University Archives.”  The University Archives are generally restricted materials due to the sensitive nature of much of the information.  This collection features minutes from the meeting that formally organized the school as the Bannock Stake Academy in 1888.  It includes papers from each president of the school, including President David Bednar and President Kim Clark.  Inside this collection, pictures of the Extravadance dance group and the athletics program are intermingled with thank you notes and registration records.  This information is all stored in acid-free boxes with an alkaline buffer to ensure their longevity.

One row in the University Archives room

While this information may be restricted, there are also boxes that are available to the public.  This fascinating collection would be a great help to anyone writing a history of BYU-Idaho or the Upper Snake River Valley.  To view materials, please come to Special Collections between 9-5 on weekdays.


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