Oh, Beautiful

“The last line of ‘America the Beautiful’ perfectly describes how I feel about my country:  ‘And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.’  No matter who we are, what we believe, or where we are from, we can all come together as people for the good of our homes, our country, and most importantly each other.”


“I am proud to be an American because I grew up seeing my dad and others protecting the country.  I understand the price of freedom and am forever grateful for the sacrifices made to protect it.”


“President Ezra Taft Benson said, ‘Patriotism is more than flag-waving and brave words.  It is how we respond to public issues.  Let us rededicate ourselves as patriots in the truest sense.'”


There are many reasons we are grateful for our countries, and these are only a few.  We are grateful for the freedoms we enjoy and for the people who have died to ensure that right for all of us.  We are also grateful for all the courageous men and women working to protect, defend, and create liberty for all the people in the world.  For the next month we commemorate those who work to protect our freedom with our new display located outside of McKay 220.  Come tell us what makes you proud of your country!


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