Remembering Ricks

As high schools around the area have recently celebrated their graduations (congratulations!), we at BYU-I are still in the middle of our semester.  Seeing all the graduates has reminded us of our own high school graduations.  In celebration of the recent and soon-to-be graduates, we’ve looked through a few of our yearbooks and want to share some of our favorite quotes and pictures.

Rixida 1978

“…the confusion and frolicking of rush teas, pledge parties, ‘goating,’ and formal initiation…”–Rixida 1943

Does anyone know what ‘goating’ is?

“Viking Hall: a men’s dormitory with enthusiasm!”–Rixida 1960

Rixida 1972

“He is the very pineapple of politeness.”

“She never flunked and she never lied; I reckon she never knowed how.”

“We grant, although he had much wit, He was very shy of using it.”

–Rixida 1930

Rixida 1972

The 1938 Ricks College Bachelor Club’s initiation included “shoe-blacking, singing ‘Abdulla Bul Bul Ameer,’ growing whiskers, and, well, suffice it to say that this initiation seemed to conform remarkably well to previous ones.”–Rixida 1938

I guess the honor code didn’t involve ‘whiskers’ back then!

Rixida 1967

“The faculty are not this old,
Their cars are much more up to date
But you’re only as old as you feel when
You’ve helped a senior graduate”–Rixida 1954

Rixida 1967

Jokes from the 1917 Rixida:

“If everyone does his best he can’t do any better.”

“Von E. got hurt, but it didn’t seem to affect me very much.”

Girl: “What is the form of a kiss?”
Boy: “Give me one and we will call it square”

Girl 1: “Oh, it’s so hot in here.  Open the window.”
Girl 2: “No, don’t; we are not up high like she is; she gets all of the hot air.”

Teacher: “When do the leaves begin to turn?”
Student: “The night before exams”

HOW TO GET THIN: “Fooled you, didn’t we, Verla; I knew you and Miss Smith would bite.”

Dora: “All the old bachelors in our town have lots of money.”
Miss C: “Well, I believe I will move to your town.”

To view more jokes from the 1917 Rixida, go here!



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