3D Printing

With the help of Jon Fackrell and the library's new 3D printer, we were able to print facsimiles of a few artifacts that pertain to Martin Luther that we have added to our exhibit. These artifacts include an Indulgence Chest; used to collect Indulgences from faithful Catholics who wished to lessen their time in purgatory. … Continue reading 3D Printing


Artifact Spotlight: Roman Funerary Stele

This original funerary stele is a marble monument to memorialize a deceased 17-year-old young man.  It is written in Greek, although the young man's first name is Latin and dates back to the 2nd century and is from Turkey. Funerary Steles: Like today's tombstones, funerary steles were a memorial for the deceased, although cemeteries did … Continue reading Artifact Spotlight: Roman Funerary Stele

Artifact Spotlight: Cuneiform Envelope

This original clay tablet is from ~2150 BC and is made of fired clay.  The writing is in Sumerian. Description: Clay tablets like this were once considered 'recyclable' and weren't meant to be kept.  Occasionally accidental fires would take place and the clay would be fired, preserving them for centuries.  Like our paper envelopes today, … Continue reading Artifact Spotlight: Cuneiform Envelope

Artifact Spotlight: Ushabti Figurines

Ushabti Figurines These Ushabti Figurines, two of which are originals (from about 700-200 BC), belonged to various museums in Britain before BYU-Idaho purchased them.  They are from Ancient Egypt and the inscriptions on them are written in Egyptian.   Description: Ushabti figurines, which are also spelled 'shabti,' 'uhabti,' or 'shawabty,' are any of the small … Continue reading Artifact Spotlight: Ushabti Figurines